What is Educ-Europe ?

Educ-Europe is a partnership composed of employers and training organisations from several european countries, driven by a shared desire to promote social Educators as responsible players promoting personal development and a more just world. The partners have pooled their resources to offer professional training based on interpersonal contact and intercultural openness.

Training outside one’s own country and teaching focused on educational questions which are broadly international in scope will provide access to the best practices in Europe. The partnership, built in 2007, is regularly financed by European fundings in order to support its projects. Since then, it grows bigger and the students, trainees, trainers and social workers take benefits from these trainings and exchanges.

The Educ-Europe project.

By including an international dimension to social educator training, Educ-Europe wants to train professionals who:

  • Are open to social and educational issues beyond their national borders.
  • Are able to better apprehend intercultural issues thanks to personal experience dealing with a foreign culture and language.
  • Are aware of their shared professional identity and are able to work in inter-professional teams and in an international network.
  • Wish to cooperate with northern and southern countries in the field of persons in difficulty.